New Yor-Uba at Dizzy ’s Lincoln Center, June 29/30, 2022

June 29 & 30 2022
Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba Returns to
Jazz at Lincoln Center's Dizzy's Club

Alex Norris, trumpet
Mike Thomas, alto/soprano saxophones
Stacy Dillard, tenor saxophone
Chris Washburne, trombone/tuba
Michele Rosewoman, piano/vocals
Gregg August, bass
Robby Ameen, drums
Román Díaz, percussion/vocals
Rafael Monteagudo, percussion
Abraham Rodriguez, percussion/vocals
Oludare Bernard lead vocals

"...Miss Rosewoman’s music, quite simply, ascends to the rarefied realm..."
Latin Jazz Network /Raul deGama

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Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba from Dizzy's webcast June 29 2022

"Por Ahora Y Para Siempre” ©M. Rosewoman

"Old Calabar” (Abakua) ©M. Rosewoman
Michele Rosewoman's New Yor Uba featuring Román Díaz


South Arts Project; Rosewoman’s “A Function At The Junction”. November 11, 2021

A recipient of a 2021 South Arts Jazz Road Grant, Rosewoman's Creative Residency Grant made it possible to curate and present a collaborative, multimedia event entitled
“A Function at the Junction: Ancestral Bridge, Musical Streams” / “Una Función en el Cruce: Puente Ancestral, Corrientes Musicales”.
As part of a unique community of musicians here in NYC with deep ties to both spiritually-based Cuban folkloric traditions and contemporary jazz, bringing together my New Yor-Uba ensemble, Francisco Mora Catlett's Afro Horn and Román Díaz's Rumba Ensemble was an opportunity to incorporate and stage the work of treasured co-creators who also highlight these traditions in unique contemporary contexts, This building of bridges between artists & cultural voices through live performance and documentation resulted in a 2-hour film that was recorded, edited and produced by Onel Mulet.

November 11 2021 at the Flamboyan Theater NYC.
Presented by Arts for Art.

*Francisco Mora Catlett's Afro Horn

*Román Díaz's Rumba Ensemble

*Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba

Moderator Frank Bell, Francisco Mora., Michele and Roman Diaz
With Arts for Art /Vision presenter Patrica Parker


Frank Bell and Danis Perez Prades


With Onel Mulet—sound and video engineer.
Francisco Mora’s Afro Horn