Francisco Mora’s Afro Horn, Roman Diaz’s Rumba ensemble. Michele Rosewoman’s New Yor-Uba

Malika Zarra and Michele Rosewoman Collaboration

Rosewoman Solo Piano Set

Roman Diaz and Michele Rosewoman Collaboration

New Yor-Uba Zinc Bar  From Rosewoman’s  “Oru de Oro”

New Yor-Uba Small Ensemble  “Dance for Agayu”

New Yor-Uba Small Ensemble  “Old Calabar”

Dizzy’s Webcast June  2022  “Por Ahora Y Para Siempre”

New Yor-Uba at Dizzy’s  “Where Water Meets Sky”

Quintessence at Yoshi’s  “Vamp for Ochun”

Rosewoman Trio at Brooklyn College “From Tear To Here”

Quintessence at Yoshi’s  “The Thrill of Real Love”

Rosewoman Trio at Brooklyn College  “Where It Comes From"