Poetry ©M.Rosewoman

The Women and the Children

The women and children
found strength in isolation.
A network
of song
and unspoken motion.

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A Dream Scheme

I've been weaving warmth around me
to keep the freeze of tentative survival out of my bones.

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Sound Track

Conductor of emotion – and recall.
Bulging memories play on cue.
Ghosted visions manifest in full view.

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Commissioned by and recently published in a Mutual Mentorship for Muscians Anthology (2019)

Something Holy Hovers

Still water reflects.
Receives. Accepts
Warm deep-down breath,
Nowhere to get...

except ...
to the
clear --still --waters.
New respect.

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From a Jazz Coalition Commissioned work— (2020)

No Sugar Blues for Me

The carnal faces
of stolen passion
from the need
for spirit quenching
Thirst that runs over.

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heavy guards of entrance,
Send the reception

C'mon with your creepin
I wuz expectin' you.

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Gypsy Soul

A gypsy's soul
comes out from under
the veil of
life/death life/death

and sees it"s
own reflection.

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Early Work Collection