Conductor of emotion – and recall.
Bulging memories play on cue.
Ghosted visions manifest in full view.

Came through the window,
on an evening breeze .
Love serene—
a VERY spiritual dream.

Footsteps, bound -to-sound,
play complete melodies.
All one theme.

Imprints from ritual
play time —play space.
A life ,reverberateing — in place.

A “living” is
MORE  than a life, more than a LIFETIME.

I see it left a track.
And referencing the foot – notes,
I can follow it back!

Soul cycles in surround sound.
On the way up -or -down
A sojourn to roots.
I got to spread -this -thing -around.

I can trace my life this way.
Tracking sound .
From my beginnings– to my forevers…….

Poetry ©M.Rosewoman | Commissioned (2019) by and recently published in a Mutual Mentorship for Muscians Anthology