Winter JazzFest Opening Night: Terri Lyne Carrington’s NEW STANDARDS LIVE featuring Michele Rosewoman, Linda Oh, Kris Davis, Tia Fuller & others. January 12, 2023

Announcing the
January 12-18, 2023
Rotating ensembles featuring Michele Rosewoman, Melanie Charles, Michael Mayo, Linda May Han Oh, Kris Davis, Tia Fuller, Caroline Davis, Helen Sung, Mary Halvorson

New Yor-Uba at Institute of Jazz Studies Rutgers/Newark Concert Series. December 2,2022

Date: FRIDAY DECEMBER 2nd 2022
Time: 8PM
Location: Clement's Place
15 Washington Street Newark, NJ 07102
Located in: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall, Rutgers University - Newark

Alex Norris-trumpet
Mike Clark-alto/soprano saxophones
Stacy Dillard --tenor saxopjone
Chris Washburne--trombone/tuba
Michele Rosewoman piano/vocals
Gregg August--bass
Robby Ameen--drums
Roman Díaz--percussion, vocals
Abraham Rodrgiuez—percussion, vocals
Rafael Monteagudo—percussion
Oludare Bernard—vocals

Michele Rosewoman’s Textured Trio w/ Bob Stewart. June, 2022

Michele Rosewoman, piano/vocals
Kevin McNeal, guitar
Bob Stewart, tuba

Thursday, June 16 2022
@ The Greenwich House, 68 Barrow Street, NYC
part of the 2022 Mutual Mentorship for Musicians Festival (M³)
Co-Presented with The NYC Winter Jazzfest

Rosewoman joined forces with longtime collaborators for a set of both new and previously recorded music. An offshoot of her Time in Textures trio (which featured guitarist Liberty Ellman and drummer Tyshawn Sorey), Stewart, McNeal and Rosewoman combined rhythmic and color palettes to present a set of propelled and uniquely textured sound.


Rosewoman Curated Afro Latin Jazz Alliance Tribute to Eddie Bobè. March 18/19, 2022

March 18/19 2022

Afro Latin Jazz Alliance and Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture


OG Burn, A Tribute To, Un Homenaje a Eddie Bobè

Michele Rosewoman
Guest Curator - Piano/Vocals

Special Guests:
Román Díaz (Percussion/Vocals), Felix Sanabria (Percussion), Gene Golden (Percussion),
Abraham Rodriguez (Percussion/Vocals), Hector “Papote” Jimenez (Vocals),
Jay Rodriguez (saxophone)

At the invitation of Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Michele Roseewopman curated a night of music at HOSTOS Center for the Arts and Culture in tribute to the late master percussionist Eddie Bobè.

"My (and Eddie's) long-time associates---percussion legends Román Díaz, Felix Sanabria, Gene Golden, vocalists Abraham Rodriguez and Hector “Papote” Jimenez and flautist/saxophonist Jay Rodriguez-- joined me, Arturo and the ALJO in the performance of a repertoire that spotlighted compositions by myself, Arturo and Chico O’Farrill, as well as a celebration of rumba--a uniquely Cuban musical form.
Eddie Bobè was an inspired creative force and master of folkloric percussion and vocal traditions of the African Diaspora. He was a foundational figure in the New York world of percussionists and his old school knowledge and respect combined with his experimental and unique ideas were crucial to both the retention and expansion of these musical and cultural expressions.”

New Yor-Uba at Dizzy ’s Lincoln Center, June 29/30, 2022

June 29 & 30 2022
Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba Returns to
Jazz at Lincoln Center's Dizzy's Club

Alex Norris, trumpet
Mike Thomas, alto/soprano saxophones
Stacy Dillard, tenor saxophone
Chris Washburne, trombone/tuba
Michele Rosewoman, piano/vocals
Gregg August, bass
Robby Ameen, drums
Román Díaz, percussion/vocals
Rafael Monteagudo, percussion
Abraham Rodriguez, percussion/vocals
Oludare Bernard lead vocals

"...Miss Rosewoman’s music, quite simply, ascends to the rarefied realm..."
Latin Jazz Network /Raul deGama

Dizzy’s webpage link

Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba from Dizzy's webcast June 29 2022

"Por Ahora Y Para Siempre” ©M. Rosewoman

"Old Calabar” (Abakua) ©M. Rosewoman
Michele Rosewoman's New Yor Uba featuring Román Díaz


South Arts Project; Rosewoman’s “A Function At The Junction”. November 11, 2021

A recipient of a 2021 South Arts Jazz Road Grant, Rosewoman's Creative Residency Grant made it possible to curate and present a collaborative, multimedia event entitled
“A Function at the Junction: Ancestral Bridge, Musical Streams” / “Una Función en el Cruce: Puente Ancestral, Corrientes Musicales”.
As part of a unique community of musicians here in NYC with deep ties to both spiritually-based Cuban folkloric traditions and contemporary jazz, bringing together my New Yor-Uba ensemble, Francisco Mora Catlett's Afro Horn and Román Díaz's Rumba Ensemble was an opportunity to incorporate and stage the work of treasured co-creators who also highlight these traditions in unique contemporary contexts, This building of bridges between artists & cultural voices through live performance and documentation resulted in a 2-hour film that was recorded, edited and produced by Onel Mulet.

November 11 2021 at the Flamboyan Theater NYC.
Presented by Arts for Art.

*Francisco Mora Catlett's Afro Horn

*Román Díaz's Rumba Ensemble

*Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba

Moderator Frank Bell, Francisco Mora., Michele and Roman Diaz
With Arts for Art /Vision presenter Patrica Parker


Frank Bell and Danis Perez Prades


With Onel Mulet—sound and video engineer.
Francisco Mora’s Afro Horn